How Does It Work?

Slide Send Ethereum to the Diamond
Vault contract address
The blockchain will store your wallet address and invested ETH. Now you'll be able to start withdrawing your dividends. You can use any Web 3 wallet

Slide Send Ethereum to the Diamond
Vault contract address
Moreover, this will continue forever (while contract has ETH). This means after 100 days the contract could return your first deposit with ROI afterwards!

Slide Withdraw Your Dividends Anytime Just click the "Withdraw" button above and claim your dividends. Dividends update every minute. You can withdraw them even every minute, but do not forget about gas costs on small withdrawals!

Slide What is the minimum deposit amount? The Minimum deposit amount is 0.01 ETH. You can add investments anytime. If you reinvest, the contract will pay you unclaimed dividends first!

The Diamond Vault Contract

Slide THE DIAMOND VAULT ETHEREUM CONTRACT The Diamond Vault is based on the Ethereum network. The Diamond Vault contract is verified and audited for security. The contract code is open and available at The contract code can only do those functions that are inherent in it initially; it cannot be changed or deleted. This guarantees absolute transparency and honesty of the project. The creator cannot affect the work of the project in any way. READ THE DIAMOND VAULT CONTRACT ON THE

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1 Can I Send Ethereum Directly From An Exchange Like Binance or Coinbase? DO NOT use exchanges or you risk losing all of your deposit. First transfer it to an Ethereum wallet. Use Metamask / Etherscan on Desktop, or Coinbase, Trust Wallet. FAQ 2 What Makes The Diamond Vault So Special? The Diamond Vault automatically pays 1% daily to its depositors wallet. In addition, a 5% dividend is used to buy into the Diamond Dividend exchange. So Anyone who holds Diamond Tokens also will receive Dividends in the Diamond Dividend Exchange ANYTIME Ethereum is deposited into the Diamond Vault! FAQ 3 Can The Diamond Vault Contract Be
Drained Or Exit Scammed?
The Ethereum you enter into the system isn't being held by any person or group. The Ethereum in the exchange is handled only by a production open-source Ethereum smart contract. As long as there is Ethereum in the contract, the 1% of one's investment balance will be paid to each person. Utilize The Diamond Vault Strategy To Create A Never Ending Flow Of Ethereum!
FAQ 4 What Are Some Of The Other Risks Regarding
The Diamond Vault?
Nothing is guaranteed, and doubly so in cryptocurrency. Undiscovered hacks, stagnation, or a lack of additional funds could all be major risk factors. Utilize The Diamond Vault Strategy To Create A Never Ending Flow Of Ethereum!
FAQ 5 Where Are My Dividends?
Why Is My Transaction(s) Still Pending?
Please give it a few minutes for the transaction to process on the blockchain. If it still is pending, try increasing the gas limit on the transaction. Once your transaction has "confirmed" on the Ethereum Blockchain, you can click on the refresh link in the "Your Earned Dividends" column. Dividends refresh every 60 seconds!
FAQ 6 How Is The Ethereum Distributed? 95% of the Ethereum is paid as Dividend Payments to Investors.

5% of the Ethereum is paid to the Dividend Exchange Contract on each Vault Deposit. :

Dividends Equivalent to 1% of the Investor's Balance will continue to pay out forever, as long as there is Ethereum in the Vault!