Slide Withdraw Your Funds To Your
Meta Mask Wallet
Withdraw Funds

Slide Take 60% of your Balance & Reinvest Back To Your Vault Reinvest 60%
To Your Vault

Slide After You Reinvest, You are Left With 40% In Your MetaMask Wallet 40% Is Left In Your MetaMask

Slide Take 1/2 of The 40% In Your MetaMask And Purchase Diamond Tokens Now Purchase Diamond Tokens

Slide Using The 20% ETH In Your Metamask, Buy DMND Tokens Buy DMND Tokens Using The 20% ETH

Slide Take A Moment To View Your DMND Token Growth & Dividend Growth Buy DMND Tokens Using The 20% ETH

Slide Withdraw Your Dividends Earned From Your Token Balance Withdraw Your Token Dividends

Slide After Your Withdrawal finishes, you will see the balance in your MetaMask. View Your Withdrawal In MetaMask

Slide 1/2 Of Your Dividend Balance Will Be Re-Invested Into Your Vault Balance Reinvest 1/2 Your Dividends Into Your Vault

Slide The Remaining ETH InYour MetaMask Is Now Yours To Spend/Use! View Your Ethereum To Spend! Guilt Free!

Step 1: Withdraw Funds

1. Withdraw – Funds Will Be In MetaMask

Step 1: Withdraw Funds

2. Take 60% of your Balance (Current MetaMask After Withdrawal) – Reinvest That